DGINA NOTFALLCAMPUS and EMCC proudly present






The EMCC-Course (Emergency Medicine Core Competences) is a Europe-wide intensive 3-day simulation-based course in Emergency Medicine. The proximate goal of the EMCC is to boost core competences of EM through intensive scenario-based training and group discussion. The ultimate goal of the course is to promote the development of scenario-based, regularly recurring training in EM at the level of individual training programs in Emergency Medicine. In addition, the EMCC promotes checklists as a tool to deliver safe and efficient patient care. The course language is English.

Der EMCC-Kurs ist ein europaweiter dreitägiger, simulationsbasierter Intensivkurs in Notfallmedizin. Das Hauptziel des EMCC ist es, die Schlüsselkompetenzen in der Notfallmedizin durch intensives Training anhand von Szenarien und Gruppendiskussionen zu stärken. Zudem setzt der EMCC Checklisten ein, um eine sichere und effiziente Patientenversorgung zu gewährleisten. Die Kurssprache ist Englisch.

This EMCC Course focuses on

  • The initial management and resuscitation of critically ill patients from all age groups 
  • Differential diagnosis and decision-making (with probability assessment, Bayes‘ theorem, test threshold, treatment threshold)
  • ECG and acid-base interpretation
  • Neurological evaluation
  • Orthopedic evaluation
  • Basic and advanced airway procedures and other emergency procedures
  • The difficult emergency delivery and newborn resuscitation
  • Leadership and communication

All participants will receive:

  • A theoretical preparation for the course
  • A pocket-sized course manual

Checklist compendium covering:

  • The initial management of > 30 critical syndromes
  • The evaluation of patients presenting 1 of 20 chief complaints