YoungDGINA Bar Fest

Dear Emergency Medicine friends from around the world,

Berlin is getting closer. A vibrant city, chaotic at times and notorious for its long nights: Just like an Emergency Department, right? Let’s take this opportunity and celebrate. Be quick and grab one of our limited spots on the YoungDGINA Bar Fest. Between ultrasound and Suction Assisted Laryngoscopy Airway Decontaminiation (SALAD) stations we invite you to grab drinks at the bar and meet like minded people, emergency medicine enthusiasts from all around the world. Let’s tell stories together, chat about work (or not), and simply have a good time during this evening deep in one of Berlin’s most iconic hoods. No matter if you’re a student or consultant, we are looking forward to meet you on October 18th from 8PM in our bar. More information to follow after registration.

A stranger is just another friend you haven’t met!




30.00€ Physicans / Ärzt:innen

25.00€ Other health care professionals and students / Andere Berufsgruppen und Studierende